Option A – Tabletop Demo

DSC_2686Create a 1/16 scale assistive technology demo for AgrAbility staff to display at outreach events such as Ag Progress Days. Models should demonstrate a piece of assistive technology or a modification frequently used by AgrAbility clients. Models should clearly depict the assistive technology and should include a poster describing the demo.

Example: K&M Manufacturing sells aftermarket tractor steps and step additions. These steps provide easier and safer access to tractors and are especially helpful to individuals with joint impairments. We frequently recommend these steps to our clients. A demo could be a 1/16 scale tractor fitted with the proper steps, handrail and removable 4th step.
Other ideas include demos of:

  • Flatbed truck lift
  • Tractor lift
  • Skid steer “porch”
  • Automatic hitch system

NOTE: The demo must be a piece of assistive technology we currently recommend to clients. Visit some of our social media sites, such as Pinterest, for more ideas.

Projects will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • Safety considerations
  • Accessibility (e.g. Closed captioning for video)
  • Person first language
  • Clearly demonstrates one or more types of assistive technology (more than one AT on same model, if done well, could receive extra points)
  • All equipment and modifications include proper safety precautions (e.g. ROPS on tractor the used)
  • A well-designed “eye-catching” poster with information about the AT demo including information about the piece of assistive technology, its use on a farm, what types of disabilities it addresses, tips, safety info, and pictures of full scale examples.
  • Easy to transport

Chapter name can be included on tabletop displays.

Click here to see the scoring rubric. Deadline for submission is March 21, 2017.